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By | January 7, 2017

The CELTA is an initial English Language Teaching (ELT) qualification. It is open to graduates of any discipline who have a lot, a little, or no previous teaching experience. CELTA is validated by the University of Cambridge and gives access to entry-level teaching posts with the British Council and private language schools worldwide.

Kanoi Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake – Image courtesy of Dorothy Adams-Metaxopoulou

The CELTA course is divided into two parts: input sessions, covering topics such as language teaching methodology and teaching techniques; and 6 hours of practical teaching sessions. There is no final examination. In order to be awarded the CELTA certificate, candidates must pass the teaching practice component and satisfactorily complete four classroom-related written assignments.

Language Link Vietnam was the first accredited CELTA training centre in Hanoi, offering custom-built facilities and top-quality trainers. As a member of the Language Link International group of schools, Language Link Vietnam draws upon over 20 years of CELTA training experience, and an extensive network to support all its activities.

Why choose Hanoi for your CELTA?

Hanoi remains one of the most enchanting cities in South East Asia. Unlike other capitals in the area, Hanoi has suffered neither tragic destruction nor frantic redevelopment. Beneath the old trees, earnest socialist slogans on red banners flutter above shop-windows that tempt the young nouveaux riches with the latest electronic gadgetry from Korea and Japan.

Great Culture

Although you sometimes have to hunt it down, you’ll also find quite a varied cultural life; in addition to cinemas showing the latest Hollywood movies, you’ll also find an art-house cinema club in a charming colonial building and you can catch classical concerts at the Opera House or jazz in central cafes as well as offerings from local groups and singers, open-mike sessions and karaoke at a range of venues.

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Transport around Town

The centre of Hanoi is compact and you are never very far from anywhere you want to go. You will, however, need a certain tolerance of chaos and inconvenience to live here. The traffic, in particular, can at first seem enough to turn the most seasoned traveler grey. But there are also motorbike taxis on every corner, plus an ever-increasing number of the four-wheeled variety too, as well as local and long distance buses.

Hanoi Street

Hanoi Street – Image Courtesy of Dorothy Adams-Metaxopoulou


Shopping here is also not the leisured experience you may be familiar with from some large South-East Asian cities. Outlets with fixed prices are still comparatively rare and you’ll often find yourself having to drive a hard bargain. However, there are a gradually growing number of supermarkets and small shopping malls where you can find almost everything if you look, but expect a limited range of choice for the time being.


Finding somewhere to live can require some searching, there are plenty of agents around but you may find that many of the properties they show you, while decidedly desirable, are priced beyond the budget of the average teacher. It can be easier to find more affordable places, including whole houses to rent, if you can enlist some Vietnamese help.

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The climate may not be exactly what you want if you’re looking for non-stop tropical sun. Hanoi is close enough to the land mass of China to experience four seasons. If, on the other hand, you have ever thought you would find the lack of seasons in the tropics monotonous, you will get plenty of variety here, and the season to look forward to is actually the autumn, which is usually two or three solid months of mellow sunshine and mild evenings.

Job opportunities in Hanoi with Language Link

3 Trainees at Language Link

3 Trainess at Language Link – Image Courtesy of Dorothy Adams-Metaxopoulou

Language Link is continually expanding, so there are always opportunities for work and we can normally offer a range of different options to your preferences or needs, subject to standard recruitment procedures. There is also plenty of demand for teachers elsewhere in Vietnam . If you wish to commit to working for Language Link for a year or more we have a range of options available regarding reimbursement of your CELTA course fees.

Click here for more information about Language Link’s CELTA course in Hanoi.

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