Teaching English in Southern Europe

Teaching English in Southern Europe

Teaching English in Italy

Colosseum at Night

Italy, known as the boot of Europe is a country located in Southern Europe. It shares borders with Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland and it has 2 enclaves in the country, Vatican City and San Marino. If you are interested in the rich culture and history of a country that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world, then Italy might be the place for you.… Read More »

Teaching English in Turkey

Teach English in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is located both in Asia and Europe. It shares a border with Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq and Syria. Part of the country forms part of the Middle East and it unusual because it can’t be considered to wholly belong to any part of the world. Some of the country is in Europe, some in Asia and some in the Middle East! Turkey is home to… Read More »