Teach English in Ecuador

Teaching English in South America

Teaching English in Argentina

Buenos Aires Skyline Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and also one of the largest Spanish speaking countries. It is South America’s 3rd largest economy and is considered to be a good country to invest in by international bankers because it has a growing economy and ranks very high rating on the Human Development Index. Argentina shares its borders with Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile… Read More »

Teaching English in Bolivia

Palacio del Congreso Nacional La Paz Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America and it is bordered by Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. Before the Spanish colonised the country, it was part of the Inca Empire and during the Spanish colonisation it was known as Upper Peru. After independence the country was named Bolivia after Simón Bolívar. The country is quite small with a population of only 10 million people. However it is a… Read More »

Teaching English in Brazil

Christ the Redeemer

As the world’s fifth largest country both by size and population and the largest country in South America, Brazil is the powerhouse economy in the region. It is the only country in the Americas to use Portuguese as their official language and by it is far the largest country in the world to speak Portuguese. In terms of economy, Brazil is 7th in the world for GDP and it is… Read More »

Teaching English in Chile

Coihaique, Chile
The Republic of Chile lies on the western coast of South America and stretches over 2,700 miles from the centre of South America right down to the very southernmost part of the continent. Chile shares its borders with 3 countries: Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. The north of the country contains the great northern desert and the south is mostly forest, volcanoes, lakes and islands… Read More »

Teaching English in Colombia

Santa Marta

From the Andes mountain range to the Amazon rainforest region Colombia is bordered by Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. Stretching between the warm seas of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful blue Caribbean sea, Colombia is indeed a spectacular part of the Americas. For all its beauty and variety, Colombia has suffered in the near past from bad publicity because of violence… Read More »

Teaching English in Ecuador

Teach English in Ecuador

The Republic of Ecuador is bordered by just two other South American countries, Colombia to the north and to the South and East lies Peru. The huge Pacific Ocean to the west of the country is home to the famous Galapagos Islands which are also part of Ecuadorian territory. Although not the largest city in Ecuador, the largest being Guayaquil, the capital city of Quito has been hallmarked by UNESCO… Read More »

Teaching English in Guyana

Kaieteur Falls

Guyana, which is officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is situated on the South American continent mainland, but is in fact part of the Anglophone Caribbean and one of the few Caribbean countries that is not an island. After independence in 1966, Guyana became part of the British Commonwealth of nations after being a British colony for nearly two hundred years… Read More »

Teaching English in Paraguay

Salto Cristal

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America and shares its borders with Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Like a lot of South American countries, Spanish is widely spoken in Paraguay because it was colonised by the Spanish in the 16th century. After colonisation, the country was ruled by a number of dictators, but now the country enjoys political stability. Paraguay is quite a small country and only has a population… Read More »

Teaching English in Peru

Machu Picchu

Peru is located in South America and shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. Peru is home to one of the oldest cultures in the world, the Inca Empire and it later became part of the Spanish empire. Peru is a multicultural country with many ethnicities including Europeans, Africans and Asians. Although the main language in the country is Spanish… Read More »

Teaching English in Suriname


Suriname is a South American country that shares borders with Guyana, Brazil and French Guiana. It is the smallest country in the region with a population of just over half a million people. Having been colonised the Netherlands in the 17th century, it only gained independence in 1975. Suriname is the only country in Latin America that is a Dutch speaking country, but many people also speak Sranang which is… Read More »

Teaching English in Uruguay

Mansa Beach

Uruguay is one of the most developed and prosperous nations in South America. It shares its borders with both Argentina and Brazil. The country itself is the second smallest in terms of landmass after Suriname and it has a population of only 3.3 million people. Around half of the population lives in the metropolitan area of Montevideo, the nation’s capital city. Uruguay is a Spanish speaking country after Montevideo was… Read More »

Teaching English in Venezuela

Angel Falls

Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America and shares borders with Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. It is a very diverse country with beaches, islands, mountains, rainforests, lakes and more! It is also home to the world’s largest waterfall, Angel Falls. The country is also one of the most urbanised countries in the region and most people live in cities. The capital city, Caracas is 914 metres (3,000… Read More »