Teaching English in Mongolia

Mongolia is a diverse and unique country with mountains in the north and the famous Gobi Desert in the south. Nearly half of the population live in the capital city, but outside of the city you will find one of the most sparsely populated regions in the entire world. Mongolia is crying out for native English speaking teachers and you should easily be able to find a job regardless of your qualifications and experience. Read everything you need to know about teaching English in Mongolia.

How to Improve English Reading Skills

Many students often ask how they can improve their English reading level and this blog post seeks to provide some helpful advice for students that are at an intermediate or higher level. The basic idea is that students should practice as much as possible. However, students need to understand the basics of the language and not read something that is above their level. This will help to ensure a natural progression when improving reading comprehension.

Teaching English in Finland

With one of the best welfare systems and one of the highest standards of living out of anywhere in the world, it’s easy to see why so many people are looking to teach English in Finland. This blog post will explain everything you need to know including how to find a job, where to work in the country, the types of schools and jobs available, qualifications and experience required as well as expected salaries and the cost of living.

Teaching English in Denmark

Denmark is located in Northern Europe and has a relatively small population of only 5.5 million people. With a very high standard of English spoken in the country, there is relatively little demand for native English speaking teachers. However, you will find some opportunities for TEFL teachers, especially those with a lot of experience and good qualifications. The salary is particularly high, but the cost of living is also very high. Having said that, Denmark does provide one of the highest standards of living out of any country in the world.

Teaching English in Ireland

Ireland is a native English speaking country, but it is also a very popular destination for people that want to study English abroad. There are many low cost airlines that fly to Dublin and there are a large number of schools that provide English lessons for non-native speakers. As a result, you will find that there are many opportunities for teaching English. Having said that, you will also find that teachers from the UK and Ireland are preferred over other applicants.

Teaching English in Monaco

Monaco is an extremely small country and it is often the home for the rich and famous. Unfortunately, you won’t find many opportunities as a TEFL teacher, but you will find that some hotels employ teachers to train their staff. The cost of living is extremely high, standards for teachers are also very high and there are not many teaching jobs available. If, however, you do find a job, you will receive a much higher salary than you can earn in most other countries around the world!

Teaching English in Andorra

If you’re interested in skiing, tax free shopping and want one of the highest life expectancies in the world, then look no further than teaching English in Andorra! There aren’t many teaching opportunities in this small country that is situated on the border of Spain, and those that do arise are usually in one of the international schools and they will require that you have the appropriate qualifications for teaching in your home country. Read more about teaching in this fascinating, but small country right here.

Teaching English in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is an extremely small country and as a result you are not likely to find many teaching opportunities. To actually find work in this country, you really need to be in the right place at the right time to find any schools that are advertising for vacant positions. There are a few international schools in the country that offer English programs, but they do require that all their teachers are qualified to teach in their home countries, meaning that many ESL teachers won’t meet their requirements.

Teaching English in Luxembourg

This small country of only around half a million people doesn’t have many TEFL opportunities. However, some do arise every so often and the jobs that you do find will require that you have good qualifications and experience. The level of English is already very high in the country and there aren’t many language schools. You will find that there are some international schools, but they will require that you are a qualified teacher in your home country.

Teaching English in Belgium

To find a job in Belgium you will need to have good qualifications and relevant experience. You will find that for people with both of these, there are a number of teaching opportunities. Teaching salaries are high, but the cost of living in the country is also very high. You probably won’t be able to save much on a teaching salary, but with fantastic transport links, you will be able to travel around Europe fairly easily. Read this post for more information about teaching in Belgium.