Teaching English in Singapore

Requirements for teaching English in Singapore are extremely high and for this reason, Singapore isn’t the destination for most TEFL teachers. You would need to be very well qualified to find any teaching job in the country. However, you will earn a very high salary in the country. Having said that, the cost of living is one of the highest out of any country in the world! If you are well qualified and experienced, Singapore has a lot to offer for teachers thinking about working in this cosmopolitan city state.

What is the difference between ESL and EFL?

Some people think that the acronyms ESL and EFL are interchangeable. They, however, would be wrong. They refer to two different types of students and the country in which they are studying English. There are many acronyms in the world of teaching English and these two often cause the most confusion. Find out exactly what is the difference between ESL and EFL and why it matters in this blog post.

Teaching English in Latvia

With a population of around 2 million people, Latvia is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Although it’s quite small, and has very long and cold winters, it is fast becoming a popular destination for ESL teachers. Read this post to find out why many teachers are looking to this Baltic state to teach English and what to expect when you’re looking for a job and working in the country with information about salaries, the cost of living and more.

Teaching English in Lithuania

Lithuania is a Baltic state in northern Europe and it is an increasingly popular destination for TEFL teachers. This blog post will explain everything you need to know about teaching English in the country and provides information about how to find a job, where to work, expected salary, living costs and minimum requirements for teachers including their qualifications and experience that is expected by the various schools.

Teaching English in Poland

If you’re looking to start teaching in English in Poland, you probably have a number of questions. This blog post will provide you with all the information you need to get started, including how to find a job, where to work, qualifications and experience, expected salary, living costs and more. Poland is becoming an increasing popular destination for native English speaking TEFL teachers and you can find out why by reading this post.

Teaching English in Portugal

There is a huge tourism industry in Portugal and this is just one of the reasons why there is a real demand for qualified and experienced native English speaking TEFL teachers. With beautiful weather, a high standard of living, good salaries and a lower cost of living than in most Western European countries, it’s easy to see why more and more TEFL teachers are considering Portugal as a destination for both living and working.

Teaching English in Italy

Italy is famous for its long history, culture, food, passion and more! As a teacher, you can fully immerse yourself into the culture of one of the oldest and most historic places on Earth. There is also a high demand for native English speaking TEFL teachers, but there is also a lot of competition for jobs. The salaries aren’t all that high, but with good qualifications and experience, you should be able to find something that covers your living costs at least. Read more about teaching in Italy here!

Teaching English in Mexico

Mexico has many opportunities for teaching English because of its close proximity to the United States and its large tourism industry. In most cases, teachers salaries can be quite low, but it also has a low cost of living should you should expect to cover your basic living costs. You will find that both schools and businesses employ native English speaking teachers and some teachers also take a few private lessons to supplement their income. Read more about teaching English in Mexico here.

Teaching English in France

French people are very interested in learning English and you will find that there are many opportunities for native English speaking teachers. The salaries on offer are not very high, and there is also a very high cost of living, especially in the bigger towns and cities. There is quite a lot of competition for jobs, so you will need to have good qualifications and preferably some recent and relevant experience to ensure that you can find a job. Read all about it here.

How To Write A 3 Paragraph Essay

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