Present Continuous Statements

Read all about how to form sentences using the present continuous tense in English. The main structure of this tense is subject + verb to be + verb-ing. For example, I am walking to school. Here you can learn about how to form basic present continuous sentences as well as forming sentences using prepositions and adverbs. The present continuous tense is widely used in the English language and it’s important for second language learners to know how to form sentences using this tense correctly.

Present Continuous Questions

In this post you can find out how to form questions in the present continuous tense. This post includes both yes/no questions as well as ‘wh’ question forms. The present continuous is widely used in English and it’s important that students fully understand how to form sentences correctly using this tense. Read everything you need to know about forming questions using the present continuous tense in this helpful blog post.

Present Continuous or Present Progressive?

You might sometimes see English books that use the phrase “present continuous” and others that use the phrase “present progressive”. Often students ask what is the different and the simple answer is that in the English language there is no difference. However, this topic requires further discussion because it isn’t as simple as it appears. Read about the terms “Present Continuous” and “Present Progressive” in this blog post.

The Communicative Approach of Teaching English

The communicative approach of teaching English is a style of teaching used by English teachers. The main aim is to get the students to practice English in the classroom using real life situations. In this post you can read about the methodology of this approach, the advantages and disadvantages as well as get some ideas for activities in the classroom. This post is particularly helpful for ESL teachers who are looking to get their students more active in the classroom.

What is a Pronoun?

Read about pronouns in the English language. Basically pronouns are used to replace nouns, but there are many different types of pronouns. Get an overview of the various types in this blog post. You will find a clear explanation of each type as well as helpful examples to help you understand them. This post is good for students who want to learn about pronouns and also teachers who want to get more information about them before they start teaching them!

The Most Amazing Sentence in English

I’ve never seen a sentence quite like this one before and that is why I called it the most amazing sentence in the English language. First of all make sure that you read the sentence fully and see whether or not you can understand it. After you have read it, go back to the beginning and count the number of letters in each word and then you will see why I thought it was such an amazing sentence! This type of sentence is known as a rhopalic sentence.

Parts of Speech in English

Traditionally there are 8 parts of speech in the English language, however this is open to much discussion and some linguists claim that there are 9 or even more parts of speech in English. We’ve produced an outline of the 8 parts of speech that are commonly known to exist in the English language, plus we’ve also outlined a 9th that is sometimes claimed to be a part of speech. Read more about it here in this helpful blog post.

How To Learn English Easily

The title of this blog post is a little misleading! There is no easy way to learn English and learning a language is a process that can take many months or years. However, there are some things that you can do so speed up this process and make learning more fun. Follow the simple tips in this blog post and find out how you can learn English more easily. Remember, you should make learning fun and that way it won’t even feel like you are learning!

English for International Tourism Book Review

When I teach English for tourism, I use three books published by Pearson which is a respected publisher of ESL books. Three three books cover pretty much everything a student would need to know about the tourism industry and it covers 3 levels of language learners: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are many books that are used in the tourism industry, but I have personally used these three. Find out what I think about them in this blog post.

Basic English Word List

Charles Kay Ogden produced a list of 850 ‘basic’ English words that he believes all students need to know. He further states that if a person can only understand these words then they should be able to converse in English. In my opinion, they might be able to speak, but most speakers use a vocabulary of many hundreds of thousands of words, so would they be able to listen successfully? Anyway, find a complete list of 850 basic English words here.