List of Wh Question Words

By | August 21, 2013

Wh question words are used to form questions in the English language. They called ‘wh’ question words because they contain the letters ‘w’ and ‘h’. For example, WHy, WHen and HoW.


The word ‘what’ is used to find out information about something.

What is he doing here?

It’s also used when you want somebody to repeat what they said or when you want confirmation about something.

What? Say that again!

What did he do?

It’s also used in conjunction with the word ‘for’ and is substituted for the word ‘why’.

What did he do that for?


We use the word ‘when’ for asking about the time something happened or will happen.

When did he leave this morning?

When is she going to work today?


The word ‘where’ is used for asking about a location of something.

Where does he live?


‘Which’ is used to ask about a choice of something.

What one do you want?


The word ‘who’ is used to ask about a person or people. ‘Who’ is used as the subject of a sentence.

Who wants to eat now?


‘Whom’ is the same a ‘who’, but it’s used as the object of a sentence.

You went with whom?

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‘Whose’ is used to ask about ownership of something.

Whose car is this?


The word ‘why’ is used to ask for a reason about something.

Why did you go to the market?

Sometimes people say ‘why don’t’ and here it is used to make a suggestion.

Why don’t you go with your friend?


‘How is used to ask about manner, condition or quality.

How does this thing work?

How was your holiday?

We can also use it with ‘far’ to discuss distance.

How far is London from here?

‘Long’ to discuss length in time.

How long until we arrive?

‘Many’ to discuss quantity with a countable noun.

How many pens do you have?

‘Much’ to discuss quantity with an uncountable noun.

How much sugar is there?

‘Old’ to discuss age.

How old is he?

And, finally ‘how come’ to replace the word ‘why’.

How come you are late?

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