How To Learn Spoken English

By | February 12, 2013

This blog post will discuss some ideas for students on how to improve their spoken English. One of the main problems with students wanting to improve their speaking skills is that they don’t practice enough.

There may be a number of reasons for this, for example, they might be shy, they don’t have time, or many other reasons. Practice makes perfect, the more you practice something the better you will be at it!

How to learn spoken EnglishHere are some tips that will help you become a better English speaker. First of all, don’t try to sound like a native speaker, the chances are you probably never will. There are about 400 million native English speakers in the world and they all sound different! Which one do you want to sound like? Instead, try to speak clearly so that people who speak English can understand what you’re saying. It doesn’t

Furthermore, don’t use overcomplicated words, keep it simple, clear and concise. It will be much easier for you and the person you’re talking with to understand what you’re saying. For example, don’t say “One is feeling rather parched”, instead say “I’m thirsty”! It’s easier for you to say, easy to understand and less likely that you’ll make a mistake saying it.

If you keep your English simple, you’ll make less mistakes. Students are often worried that they make mistakes when speaking English, but don’t be too worried because the truth is that you WILL make mistakes when speaking English.

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As I said before, practice is the key. The more you speak English the better you will become at doing it! You need to practice your speaking if you want to get better at it. Many students say that they don’t have the opportunity to meet native English speakers, but native English speakers aren’t the only people that speak English!

Speak it with your friends or family, find other people in your area that can speak English and practice it! If you really want to meet native English speakers, the internet is a great place. There are many places online where you can meet people, e.g. Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk! Just speak English as much as possible!

Moreover, I sometimes suggest to my students that if they are really shy about meeting people or using English, then speak to yourself! Yes, some people say that speaking to yourself if the first sign of madness, but it isn’t! Read a book or a magazine out loud when you’re at home. Just practice your speaking whenever and wherever it’s possible!

Singing can help too. Find the lyrics to some songs in English and try to follow along. YouTube is a great place to do this. There are many videos that contain the lyrics as the song is being played, so just try to sing along! This can be fun too when you’re with your friends. Have an English karaoke night!

In short, the best way to learn spoken English is to speak it as much as possible. Practice, practice and more practice! Speak it with your friends, find other people that speak English, find places online to speak English, sing English, read English aloud! Whatever, just practice your spoken English as much as possible!

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