How To Learn English Fast

By | March 6, 2013

Unfortunately, when you’re looking to learn English fast there are no magic short cuts that will make you learn the English language in just a few weeks like some websites will have you believe! Learning to master a language can take years!

There is, however, some advice that I can offer that will speed the process up.  So if you’re learning English or even teaching English and want some helpful advice for your students, read on.

Time is everything! The more time you put into learning English, the quicker you will learn it. If a student only practices his or her English in the classroom it will take them a very long time to become proficient in the language.

If a student practices for 4 or 5 hours every day outside of the classroom, they will become more proficient in English a lot quicker than the student that only learns in the classroom. It isn’t fair that teacher expects their students to practice their subject this much in one day, they might have other things to do, other subjects to study, a job to go to or whatever. Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is simple the more time you put into learning English the quicker you will learn it. This goes for anything, not just learning languages. It equally applies to, for example, learning to play the guitar or learning how to drive a car!

Immerse yourself in English. If you are surrounded by English, you will undoubtedly learn it much quicker! If everybody around you is using English as a means to communicate, then you will learn faster than if you only learned it in a classroom for one hour per day! Speak with your friends using English, read English books and magazines, listen to English music, watch English speaking movies, search for English language websites and whatever else it takes to surround yourself by the language.

How To Learn English Fast

It’s a well known fact that students who learn English in an English speaking country, usually learn quicker than those who learn it in a non-English speaking country. So, if you’re not in an English speaking country, try to surround yourself by the language, use it as often as possible and you’ll speed up the learning process drastically.

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