The growing demand of English teachers abroad

By | April 11, 2016

The growing demand for English teachers abroad

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For the past two decades, English has undoubtedly become a dominant language on a global level. International communication and trade are only a few areas showing how important knowing English has become. The consequence of this trend is the growing demand for English teachers in countries where English is not the native language. Teaching English abroad is required throughout the world and has become a perfect employment opportunity for people who have a passion to teach and search for new experiences.

Basic information about teaching English abroad

In most countries, teaching English abroad requires an TEFL certificate as an international qualification providing skills and training needed for effective teaching. Most of the English teaching schools seek for native English speakers who will teach in countries where English is a foreign language. An important aspect of any job abroad, including teaching English abroad, are life expenses and the destination’s standard of living. Some employers give free accommodation or additional benefits, like paid transportation and medical insurance, to help the teachers with living expenses. The standard of living determines the amount of money enough for covering the basic costs of living. These jobs are sometimes better paid than locally paid positions providing the opportunity to save some money.  Most of the job positions require a yearlong commitment, but there are also short-term positions like summer camps lasting for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. So it’s not like you have to change your whole life career only because you wanted to include teaching English abroad to your CV.

International schools usually belong to one of the following systems: British (IGCSE/GCSE), American (often offering AP classes), or International Baccalaureate (IB). Get IGCSE Past Exams

An opportunity to learn about new cultures

Teaching English abroad is an excellent opportunity to travel around the world, meet new people, learn about different cultures and maybe even learn the local language. Visiting Asian or European countries probably would not be possible for a teacher if there was not such a demand for teaching English abroad. Most teaching positions do not require prior experience giving a chance for inexperienced teachers to acquire and improve their teaching skills and use them to help other people. The required accent depends from country to country, but it mostly depends on the native English speaker country most business is done with. For example, British English is preferred in European countries, while American English is preferred in countries like Mexico.

Teaching is not easy

Before signing a contract for teaching English abroad, it is important to realize that teaching as a profession itself is not the easiest job in the world, let alone in a different country and different culture. It is good to get to know the local customs and culture because that can be a topic for a conversation in class, but can also help the teacher in adjusting to the new environment. It is also important to solve all the technical issues like getting a visa and finding the appropriate accommodation if the employer does not provide it. Costs covered by the employer should be clarified and the teacher can not violate the agreed terms. In short, it is important to carry out a detailed research to gather all the important information to be prepared for everything, like transportation, getting to know the destination and studying the contract terms. Teaching English abroad is not easy but it’s a great experience, and if you have the knowledge and will, we surely agree that you should try it out!

Advantages of Teaching English Abroad

It opens a lot of career possibilities, students who finished TEFL course can teach adults for business purposes, school-aged children, or kindergarten children. They can get a job at private language institutes, public schools and universities or tutor privately. There is a huge demand for the English language teachers and every 6-12 months opens 300 000 new teaching places. It can be a great experience to live and work abroad, meet new people and new culture, improve your English and help other people to improve it.

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