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Pronunciation of ‘ed’ Endings

The -ed ending is used to change a verb into the past form. The pronunciation can be quite tricky, here we look at the three different types of pronunciation and how you should be pronouncing them. Although I’m not a fan of rule based learning, some students find it beneficial to have set of rules to determine on their own how they should be pronouncing words in English. Read about the rules here and find out the correct pronunciation of the -ed ending!

Why The English Language Is So Hard To Learn!

Any language is hard to learn and English is particularly hard for a number of reasons. Can you tell the difference between read, read and red? Two are spelt the same and two are pronounced the same, yet they all are used in different ways. Why doesn’t the phrases “great meat” have the same vowel sound, what then about polish and Polish? As you can see there are many nuances in the pronunciation of words in English and this post seeks to explain why these things make the language very difficult to learn!