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If you want to know about teaching English abroad you’re in the right place. There are many people working all over the world as ESL teachers and you can read some helpful information to help you do the same!

Teaching English in Belgium

To find a job in Belgium you will need to have good qualifications and relevant experience. You will find that for people with both of these, there are a number of teaching opportunities. Teaching salaries are high, but the cost of living in the country is also very high. You probably won’t be able to save much on a teaching salary, but with fantastic transport links, you will be able to travel around Europe fairly easily. Read this post for more information about teaching in Belgium.

Teaching English in Germany

There are many teaching opportunities for teachers will good qualifications and experience. Most private language schools offer low salaries, but you will find some schools that offer great rates of pay. However, these jobs are well sought after and applicants must be well qualified and have recent and relevant experience. The cost of living in Germany is particularly high and most teachers will have to share living expenses by sharing a flat or apartment with other people.

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has very few paid teaching positions available and most people will be working on a volunteer basis. The country has had its problems in the past, but the government is working hard to improve the lives of its citizens and English is seen as a way to do that. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the money to pay for school and there aren’t a lot of schools that offer paid teaching positions. For this reason, you will probably be volunteering if you’re teaching in Sri Lanka.

Teaching English in Panama

There is a growing demand for English teachers in Panama and not a lot of competition for jobs. The salary isn’t particularly high, but the cost of living also isn’t high. This isn’t a country where you teach and expect to save money, it’s a country where you teach and explore the diverse culture that Panama has to offer. If you’re looking for some where that is a little different from most teaching haunts then this might just be the country for you!

Teaching English in Nicaragua

There are quite a few good opportunities for teaching English in Nicaragua and there is relatively little competition for jobs. You won’t make a fortune working in this country, but you should easily make enough to cover basic living costs and a little more. This country isn’t a popular destination for TEFL teachers, but as more and more people are becoming interested in learning English the demand for native English speaking teachers is steadily increasing.

Teaching English in Honduras

Honduras is an extremely poor country and it also has one of the highest crime rates in the world. With low salaries, and few paid positions available, most teachers will be volunteers. Although the salaries are very small, the cost of living is also very low so you don’t need to earn a lot of money to pay for your basic living costs. If you want to have some of the finer things in life such as hot water or even western groceries, then your basic salary as an English teacher might not be sufficient!

Teaching English in El Salvador

El Salvador isn’t one of the most popular destinations for teaching English, but there are a number of reasons why you might want to consider it. There is a growing demand for teaching, especially as the tourism industry continues to grow. You won’t get rich working in the country, but if you want to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and live like a local, you can earn enough to cover your living costs. As is the case in most countries, those with more qualifications and experience will get the higher salaries.

Teaching English in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical haven and if you love the beach lifestyle then this country might just be the place for you! You can spend your weekends lounging around on some stunning beaches looking out to the ocean! You won’t earn a lot of money teaching in Costa Rica, but you should earn enough to pay for your basic living costs and also have some spare cash for travelling around the country. Find out everything you need to know about teaching English in Costa Rica.

Teaching English in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a diverse place to live and teach English. In this post, Mallory May, an experienced teacher who has lived in Buenos Aires gives you the low down on what you can expect from teaching English in the country. She will tell you about the cost of living, your expected salary, job requirements and more. This wonderful city is full of character and it has a large expat community which will help you to settle in to your new home quickly and easily.

Teaching English in Belize

As Belize is a very small country, you won’t find that there are many TEFL opportunities around. For the jobs that you do find advertised, you will need to have good qualifications and experience. Jobs in international schools will require that you are a qualified teacher in your home country. If you are lucky enough to find a job, you should make enough money to pay for your basic living costs and a little more. Read more about teaching English in Belize here.