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If you want to know about teaching English abroad you’re in the right place. There are many people working all over the world as ESL teachers and you can read some helpful information to help you do the same!

Teaching English in Norway

Norway is a stunning country with mountains, lakes, snow and even the northern lights. The standard of English is very high in Norway and there aren’t too many opportunities for native English speaking teachers because Norwegians are more than qualified to teach it. If you do find a job in the country, you will find very high salaries, an extremely high standard of living, a great working environment and many things to keep you occupied when you’re not working!

Teaching English in Japan

Japan is a popular destination for English teachers and there are currently around 65,000 TEFL teachers living in the country. There are plenty of jobs available, but you usually need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to work there. There are a range of different types of jobs, salaries and benefits on offer for teachers and this blog post will tell you everything you need to know including how to find a job, the types of jobs available, expected salaries, the cost of living and more!

Teaching English in Taiwan

Taiwan is a very popular destination for TEFL teachers. It offers a high standard of living, good salaries and it is still fairly easy to find a job. You should be able to earn enough money to cover your living costs and save some money each month. You’ll find students who are eager to learn and generally good working conditions. You can ready everything you need to know about getting started as a teacher in Taiwan in this helpful blog post.

Teaching English in China

China is crying out for native English speaking teachers and as a result schools are doing what they can to entice teachers to come and work for them. Some schools offer good salaries and great benefits including contract completion bonus, insurance, flight reimbursement and more! The cost of living is very low, so you should be able to save a few dollars or use your spare cash for travelling. Read everything you need to know about teaching English in China here.

Teaching English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very popular destination for English teachers. However, the country is gradually raising their standards and many ‘backpacker’ teachers are beginning to leave because they are finding it harder to live and work in the country. The cost of living is very low and well qualified teachers can find it possible to earn a good salary. Therefore, teachers can sometimes afford a very high standard of living. Read all about teaching English in Vietnam in this helpful blog post.

Train as an English Teacher in Vietnam

There are many reasons to go and teach English in Vietnam. This historic, beautiful and friendly country is very welcoming and there is a huge demand for native English speaking TEFL teachers. However, you might find that you need a teaching certificate, but luckily you can get an internationally recognised CELTA in Hanoi. Find out everything you need to know about taking your CELTA when you are aleady in Hanoi.

Teaching English in the Netherlands

Dutch people have a very good standard of English and as a result you will find that it isn’t all that easy to find a job teaching English in the Netherlands. In fact, Dutch people are more than capable of teaching English to a high standard. However, you will find that there are some opportunities, but you will need to be well qualified and have relevant experience. If you do find a job, you will be offered a fairly high salary, but you will also find that the cost of living is particularly high.

Teaching English in the Philippines

There isn’t really a big demand for native English speaking TEFL teachers in the Philippines because many locals are already fluent in English and more than proficient in teaching the languages. To find a job you will need to have appropriate qualifications and experience and you are not likely to earn as much money as you would in other Asian countries. Read more about how to find a job, visas, minimum qualifications required, the cost of living, expected salaries and more.

Teaching English in Laos

As Laos continues to develop, the desire to learn English in the country is steadily increasing. As a result, the demand for native English speaking teachers is also steadily increasing. However, Laos is a very poor country and you won’t find high salaries, but you will find a very cheap cost of living, some beautiful surroundings, friendly and welcoming people, as well as a unique and interesting culture. Read everything you need to know about getting started as an English teacher in Laos.