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If you are learning to speak English then this category is for you. In this category you will find helpful advice for learning English as well as lessons, activities, and more. Here you will find information about learning grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

What is an Accent?

Everybody speaks their language with an accent and there are various accents for every language in the world. This blog post discusses exactly what is an accent. From the way that somebody speaks we can hear what country they are from, the region where they live and in some cases what social class they belong to. In fact, we can tell quite a lot about a person depending on the way in which they speak. Read this blog post to find out more!

List of Wh Question Words

‘Wh’ questions are called ‘Wh’ questions because they contain the letters ‘w’ and ‘h’. Here you can find a list of all the ‘Wh’ questions in the English language along with their meaning and examples. These very common words are important for language learners to learn so that they can make conversation in English.

Present Continuous Uses

Read al about when and why you should use the Present Continuous tense in English. It should be used for actions that are happening right now, actions that started in the past and are not yet finished and a few other reasons. To speak and write English correctly, you need to know when to use the Present Continuous Tense. You can also get more information about forming sentences and questions using this tense. Read all about it here.

List of Non-Continuous (Stative) Verbs

A stative verb describes the state of a person rather than an action. On this post you can find a long list of non-continuous (stative) verbs. Some of the verbs on this list can be both a stative and a dynamic verb. Click this post to get a comprehensive list of verbs that can be used to describe the state of a person. When they are used in this way they don’t have a continuous form. However, if they are both stative and dynamic they can be used in the continuous form.

Present Continuous Statements

Read all about how to form sentences using the present continuous tense in English. The main structure of this tense is subject + verb to be + verb-ing. For example, I am walking to school. Here you can learn about how to form basic present continuous sentences as well as forming sentences using prepositions and adverbs. The present continuous tense is widely used in the English language and it’s important for second language learners to know how to form sentences using this tense correctly.

Present Continuous Questions

In this post you can find out how to form questions in the present continuous tense. This post includes both yes/no questions as well as ‘wh’ question forms. The present continuous is widely used in English and it’s important that students fully understand how to form sentences correctly using this tense. Read everything you need to know about forming questions using the present continuous tense in this helpful blog post.

Present Continuous or Present Progressive?

You might sometimes see English books that use the phrase “present continuous” and others that use the phrase “present progressive”. Often students ask what is the different and the simple answer is that in the English language there is no difference. However, this topic requires further discussion because it isn’t as simple as it appears. Read about the terms “Present Continuous” and “Present Progressive” in this blog post.

What is a Pronoun?

Read about pronouns in the English language. Basically pronouns are used to replace nouns, but there are many different types of pronouns. Get an overview of the various types in this blog post. You will find a clear explanation of each type as well as helpful examples to help you understand them. This post is good for students who want to learn about pronouns and also teachers who want to get more information about them before they start teaching them!

Parts of Speech in English

Traditionally there are 8 parts of speech in the English language, however this is open to much discussion and some linguists claim that there are 9 or even more parts of speech in English. We’ve produced an outline of the 8 parts of speech that are commonly known to exist in the English language, plus we’ve also outlined a 9th that is sometimes claimed to be a part of speech. Read more about it here in this helpful blog post.

How To Learn English Easily

The title of this blog post is a little misleading! There is no easy way to learn English and learning a language is a process that can take many months or years. However, there are some things that you can do so speed up this process and make learning more fun. Follow the simple tips in this blog post and find out how you can learn English more easily. Remember, you should make learning fun and that way it won’t even feel like you are learning!