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how to write a good essay in an exam

What makes an essay a good essay Check your essay against the following benchmarks. A good essay demonstrates these elements: 1. The essay has a title. The title highlights the main topic of the essay in a concise phrase. 2. The essay begins with a main topic statement in one or few sentences. 3. Supporting ideas follow theā€¦ Read More »

How Can I Improve My English?

Many students often ask their teacher how they can improve their English. Find out some simple tips and advice about how to improve your standard of English. Basically, you need to surround yourself in the English language and this will help you to learn faster. Remember that practice makes perfect so the overall theme to this blog post is about practice. It covers speaking, listening, reading and writing and gives you ideas about how you can practice your English language skills.

How to Improve English Reading Skills

Many students often ask how they can improve their English reading level and this blog post seeks to provide some helpful advice for students that are at an intermediate or higher level. The basic idea is that students should practice as much as possible. However, students need to understand the basics of the language and not read something that is above their level. This will help to ensure a natural progression when improving reading comprehension.

How To Learn English Easily

The title of this blog post is a little misleading! There is no easy way to learn English and learning a language is a process that can take many months or years. However, there are some things that you can do so speed up this process and make learning more fun. Follow the simple tips in this blog post and find out how you can learn English more easily. Remember, you should make learning fun and that way it won’t even feel like you are learning!

How To Learn English Fast

My students often ask me how to speed up the process of learning English. They want to become fully fluent English speakers in the shortest amount of time possible. However, learning English is a process that takes many months and it can take years to reach advanced levels. Having said that, there are a few things that students can do to help them speed up the process of learning the English language. Read some helpful tips and advice about to to learn English quickly in this blog post.

How To Learn Spoken English

The best way to improve your spoken English is to practice as much as you can. Some students say that they don’t have the opportunity for practising because they have nobody to practice with! This blog post provides some ideas for practising speaking as much as possible, even when you are on your own! Not being able to practice is just an excuse, dedicated students will find anyway to practice their spoken English and remember that every little helps!