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What Is Irony? And Why Is It So Hard To Explain?

In my humble opinion, the word ‘irony’ is one of the most misunderstood words in the English language, not just by ESL students but also by native speakers of English. The words irony, ironical, ironic, ironicalness completely confuse native speakers and students alike. Even I’ve had a few problems writing this blog post! This is my 8th revision… Read More »

The Most Amazing Sentence in English

I’ve never seen a sentence quite like this one before and that is why I called it the most amazing sentence in the English language. First of all make sure that you read the sentence fully and see whether or not you can understand it. After you have read it, go back to the beginning and count the number of letters in each word and then you will see why I thought it was such an amazing sentence! This type of sentence is known as a rhopalic sentence.