About Us

This “Blog About ESL” was created because I love teaching English and I love writing. When I finished my Master’s degree, one of the things I missed most was writing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s personal, academic, a blog post or just some random thoughts, I spend most of my spare time writing.

Therefore, I figured I’d channel all this into something productive, hence this blog was created. Unfortunately, as things has turned out recently, I’ve been so busy doing other things that I’ve neglected to post as regularly as I would like. At the moment, I’m averaging just one post every 2 weeks. My aim is to get this down to at least 2 or 3 a week and maybe more. But it comes down to time, something us teachers often have precious little of!

After I decided that I was going to start a blog, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. I write about all kinds of other topics for various other websites, but for my own personal website I wanted something personal. I thought long and hard about it and decided that I would combine a job that I love doing and my love of writing into this blog, therefore the “Blog About ESL” was born.

As the blog started to become a little more popular and I started to get emails, comments and people contacting me, my first thought was wow! How did you find me out of all the other hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. Well you did and it gave me even more inspiration to continue.

I have big plans for other secret things that I’m going to do with this domain, so watch this space!

Thanks for visiting.


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