Teaching English in Estonia

Estonia is a Baltic country located in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Latvia and Russia and to the north across the water is Finland. It is a small country with a population of around 1.3 million. Considered to be an advanced economy, Estonia is very well developed and has the highest GDP out of any of the former Soviet republics. If you go to teach English in Estonia, you… Read More »

Teaching English in Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world and is located in northern Eurasia. It shares borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea. Spanning 9 time zones, Russia has one of the most diverse ranges of landscapes and environments out of any country in the world. Rich in natural resources, Russia boasts the 8th largest economy in the world… Read More »

Teaching English in Finland

Finland is located in Northern Europe and shares borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. To the south across the Gulf of Finland lies Estonia. It is the 8th largest country in the EU with a population of 5.4 million, it is the most sparsely populated with most Fins living in the south of the country. Although the country has remained neutral since the end of World War 2, it has… Read More »

Teaching English in Sweden

Sweden is a Northern European country that shares borders with both Finland and Norway. This Scandinavian country is also connected to Denmark via a bridge-tunnel. Although Sweden is the third-largest country in the EU, it has a very low population density and a population of just under 10 million people. Sweden has a lot going for it, it is currently ranked 8th in the world for per capita income, 2nd… Read More »

Teaching English in Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe and it shares a border with Sweden, Finland and Russia. To the south is the Skagerrak Strait and below that is Denmark. Norway is one of Europe’s least densely populated countries and has a population of just over 5 million people. Norway is home to some stunning natural scenery where you can see the Northern Lights, go skiing in the mountains, or… Read More »

Teaching English in Denmark

Denmark is a Northern European country located to the south of Sweden and Norway, and it shares a border with Germany. This small country has a population of just over 5.5 million people. Although Denmark isn’t an island, it is nearly surrounded by sea and this seafaring country was the home of the Vikings! The standard of education is very high in Denmark and education has been compulsory for 200… Read More »

Teaching English in Portugal

Portugal is located in South-Western Europe and shares a border with Spain. This developed country has a very high standard of living and is now one of the world’s most peaceful countries. Portugal is a member of the EU, the UN and many other international organisations. In the 15th century, Portugal sought to expand its territory and started to colonise countries around the world and grew to be the longest… Read More »

Teaching English in the UK

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is an island located north of France and to the west of the Netherlands. The UK only shares a border with one country and that is the Republic of Ireland. The UK is a very developed country and is (at the time of writing) the world’s sixth largest economy. It was the first country to become… Read More »

Teaching English in Ireland

Ireland is an island located to the east of England, Wales and Scotland. It’s split into 2 parts, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. This blog post will concentrate on the sovereign state of the Republic of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is known for its hospitality, stunning views and warm welcomes and it is a popular tourist destination as well as a popular destination for students wanting to learn English… Read More »

Teaching English in Monaco

Monaco is officially known as the Principality of Monaco and it is located in the French Riviera. It is surrounded by France with the Mediterranean Sea to the South. It is the second smallest country in the world at only 2.02 square kilometres and only has a population of around 37,000 making it the most densely populated country in the entire world. Monaco is a world famous tourist destination with… Read More »