What Is Irony? And Why Is It So Hard To Explain?

In my humble opinion, the word ‘irony’ is one of the most misunderstood words in the English language, not just by ESL students but also by native speakers of English. The words irony, ironical, ironic, ironicalness completely confuse native speakers and students alike. Even I’ve had a few problems writing this blog post! This is my 8th revision… Read More »

Audio-Lingual Method of Teaching English

Here you can read about the audio-lingual method of teaching English. Although it has been claimed that it isn’t the best way to teach English, the method (and variations of this method) are still widely used and can be put to good use in some situations. Read all about the method, as well as some examples of how to put it to use. Also sometimes referred to as the army method, it can help with large classes and classes where students are at a low level.

Teaching English in Norway

Norway is a stunning country with mountains, lakes, snow and even the northern lights. The standard of English is very high in Norway and there aren’t too many opportunities for native English speaking teachers because Norwegians are more than qualified to teach it. If you do find a job in the country, you will find very high salaries, an extremely high standard of living, a great working environment and many things to keep you occupied when you’re not working!

The Grammar-Translation Method of Teaching English

The Grammar-Translation method of teaching English is a fairly old method that was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Nowadays, other methods are better for learning a language, but you will still find some teachers that like this method. There is very little speaking practice and most language is focused on learning the rules of grammar and writing. Read about the methodology, examples and the pros and cons of using this method for teaching English.

Teaching English in Japan

Japan is a popular destination for English teachers and there are currently around 65,000 TEFL teachers living in the country. There are plenty of jobs available, but you usually need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to work there. There are a range of different types of jobs, salaries and benefits on offer for teachers and this blog post will tell you everything you need to know including how to find a job, the types of jobs available, expected salaries, the cost of living and more!

Teaching English in Taiwan

Taiwan is a very popular destination for TEFL teachers. It offers a high standard of living, good salaries and it is still fairly easy to find a job. You should be able to earn enough money to cover your living costs and save some money each month. You’ll find students who are eager to learn and generally good working conditions. You can ready everything you need to know about getting started as a teacher in Taiwan in this helpful blog post.

Teaching English in China

China is crying out for native English speaking teachers and as a result schools are doing what they can to entice teachers to come and work for them. Some schools offer good salaries and great benefits including contract completion bonus, insurance, flight reimbursement and more! The cost of living is very low, so you should be able to save a few dollars or use your spare cash for travelling. Read everything you need to know about teaching English in China here.

Teaching English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very popular destination for English teachers. However, the country is gradually raising their standards and many ‘backpacker’ teachers are beginning to leave because they are finding it harder to live and work in the country. The cost of living is very low and well qualified teachers can find it possible to earn a good salary. Therefore, teachers can sometimes afford a very high standard of living. Read all about teaching English in Vietnam in this helpful blog post.

Train as an English Teacher in Vietnam

There are many reasons to go and teach English in Vietnam. This historic, beautiful and friendly country is very welcoming and there is a huge demand for native English speaking TEFL teachers. However, you might find that you need a teaching certificate, but luckily you can get an internationally recognised CELTA in Hanoi. Find out everything you need to know about taking your CELTA when you are aleady in Hanoi.