Teaching English in Norway

Norway is a stunning country with mountains, lakes, snow and even the northern lights. The standard of English is very high in Norway and there aren’t too many opportunities for native English speaking teachers because Norwegians are more than qualified to teach it. If you do find a job in the country, you will find very high salaries, an extremely high standard of living, a great working environment and many things to keep you occupied when you’re not working!

How To Write A 3 Paragraph Essay

How to Write a Three-Paragraph Essay  The essay example below is shortened from a four-paragraph essay. See the differences. The Introduction Paragraph: I am a professional single mother, very busy and hard working with two daughters and demanding work, but I feel fulfilled. My profession and the motherhood for my beloved daughters gratify me fully. I begin my… Read More »

How to Write A 4 Paragraph Essay

Parts of a Four-Paragraph Essay: the introduction paragraph, the supporting paragraph, the conclusion paragraph   Exercises The essay example below is written in four-paragraphs: an introduction paragraph containing the main idea, two supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The Introduction Paragraph: I am a professional single mother, very busy and hard working with two daughters and demanding work,… Read More »

The Present Perfect Continuous Tense

The Present Perfect Continuous Tense “I have been cooking dinner.”   This is an example for the Present Perfect Continuous: They have been painting the apartment. (The apartment now is covered in fresh paint.) This is an example for the Present Perfect: They have painted the apartment. (The job is finished.) The result referred to depends on the… Read More »

How To Prepare For TOEFL

Is TOEFL different than other standardized tests? The answer is yes and no. TOEFL is different regarding the language competency for spoken English, but is not different than other standardized tests assessing language skills for competencies in reading, comprehension, vocabulary and writing. TOEFL, as any other standardized test, observes the same guidelines of standardized tests in terms of… Read More »

how to write a good essay in an exam

What makes an essay a good essay Check your essay against the following benchmarks. A good essay demonstrates these elements: 1. The essay has a title. The title highlights the main topic of the essay in a concise phrase. 2. The essay begins with a main topic statement in one or few sentences. 3. Supporting ideas follow the… Read More »

Types Of Verbs And Examples

Every sentence is made up of a subject and a predicate (see Parts of Speech). The key word in the predicate is the verb. It tells what the subject is or does. Verbs are divided into two types: action verbs and linking verbs. Action Verbs are verbs that tell what the subject does. Sarah looks for her car… Read More »

Teaching English in Spain

With a relaxed life style, good standard of living, reasonable rates of pay and a relatively cheap standard of living, it’s easy to see the attraction of teaching English in Spain. With great food, fantastic wine, an interesting culture and fabulous weather, there are many reasons why people choose Spain as a destination for teaching. There are opportunities in the private and public schooling system and you’ll find that there are jobs for people with all levels of qualifications and experience.

Teaching English in the UK

The United Kingdom is the home of the English language and you would you be forgiven to think that there can’t be many jobs available for teaching English. However, there are many TEFL jobs available because the UK is popular destination for students who go abroad to learn English and there are many schools that cater for immigrants that live and work in the country. Having said that, there is a lot of competition for jobs and most applicants from the UK would be preferred!